1 Russian Ministry of Health proposes to expand smoking bans


The Russian Ministry of Health, as part of its new public anti-smoking strategy, published on its website, proposes to ban electronic cigarettes and chichas in caf├ęs and to limit smoking in community apartments and personal vehicles.

The project was sent to the government for validation. Smoking bans in Russia could include community apartments, all public transport, public transport stops within a three-metre radius, shopping mall entrances, pedestrian underpasses and surface crossings, as well as personal vehicles in the presence of children.

The ministry also proposes to ban e cigarettes and chichas in cafes and restaurants. Could be banned, again, any tobacco advertising in films, and the very fact of showing a character who smokes in publicly funded productions.

Finally, the Ministry’s strategy includes a ban on all tobacco add-ons that can increase addiction and an increase in tobacco taxes from 41% to 70%.

The Russian Ministry of Health’s anti-smoking strategies are part of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which entered into force in 2005 at the initiative of the World Health Organization. The previous strategy (2010-2015) had reduced the percentage of smokers in Russia from 39% to 31%. The current initiative aims to reach only 25% of smokers by 2022. According to the strategy’s authors, smoking-induced diseases kill 6 million people worldwide and 400,000 in Russia every year.


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