3 Why use a kit to start vaping?

You will find some tips on how to get started, the use of the right equipment. A simple advice that can be complex to follow! Between an abundance of information, contradictory opinions, lack of prior knowledge to make a wise choice, complementary articles to buy,… in the jungle that is sometimes the world of the vape to recommend to a beginner to opt with conviction for one material rather than another, almost amounts to searching for a needle in a haystack. The solution? Use a kit to get started!

Why use a kit to start vaping?

Vape Starter kit: the steps to get started

A kit to begin the mishap, a miracle solution? If choosing to start spraying with an all-in-one kit clearly simplifies the process, it is still necessary to sort through the kits available on the vast e-cigarette market… and understand the product descriptions. Before choosing the right vape starter kit, we advise you to take the time to learn the vocabulary of the vape.  In the vaporizer dictionary that we invite you to consult at the bottom of this page, almost every letter has its own associated word!

The most important terms to understand are, however, the following:

B as Battery: As in other products, the battery is simply the module that powers the e-cigarette.
C as Clearomiseur: A tank with integrated resistance (which cannot be changed).
D as Drip tip: This is the small nozzle that allows you to vaporize.
R as Resistance: Allows the electronic cigarette to heat up.

P for Pleasure: what counts in the choice of your steamer is that it brings you pleasure.

You now speak the same language as the e-cigarette salesmen, it’s time to go a little further. Start by reading our ULTIMATE guide on steaming. You’ll find tips, research reports and testimonials, everything you need to know about the device before you get started.

Then take the time to take stock of your wishes. If you are considering spraying, it is probably in the context of smoking cessation. For it to be a potential success, the steamer must correspond to your needs. You were a heavy smoker? Choose a “hit”, i. e. the sensation of steam in the throat, which is faithful to your smoking habits. Also use a long-lasting battery! Nothing is worse in withdrawal than not being able to use your electronic cigarette because of a battery failure. You hesitate? Choose a device with adjustable airflow! Airflow manages the “draft”. If the latter is “difficult” we will say that it is tight. If it is easy we will speak of “aerial” drawing. By choosing the adjustable airflow, you will be able to adapt your experience.

Why a kit to start the vape?

Choosing to quit smoking is already a step. To embark on the use of a new weaning technique is another. Starter kits have the advantage of being delivered with everything you need to get started! This not only saves time, but also simplifies the process.

Go further… the Vaporizer Dictionary

A as…

Spray: The atomizer is the part that heats the electronic cigarette. Powered by the battery, it transforms e-liquid into steam.

B as…

Battery: As in other products, the battery is simply the module that powers the e-cigarette.

BCC (Bottom Coil Changeable): In this case the resistance is at the bottom of the tank. The last “C” indicates that the resistor is interchangeable.

BDC (Bottom Dual Changeable): Same as the BBC for the position of the resistor. Except in this case there are two.

C as…

Cartomerizer: It is a tank with a sprayer.

Definition of the electronic cigarette

Electronic Cigarette: Definition of the electronic cigarette: assembly of all the parts that allows to vaporize.

Spray body: This is a connector between the battery and the atomizer.

Clearomiser: A tank with integrated resistance (which cannot be changed).

D as…

Drip tip: This is the small nozzle that allows you to spray.

E as…

E-liquid: The liquid that after being heated turns into steam and allows you to vaporize.

G as…

Vegetal Glycerin: One of the main ingredients of e-liquid. It is also used in the food industry.

H as in…

Hit: It’s the sensation caused by the steam in the throat.

M as…

mAh: Unit of measurement determining the autonomy of the battery.


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